Fun and Laughter

It’s been more than six weeks now…so now is the time to let loose!  I joined some friends to go paddle-boating in the Vltava river the other day–what fun!  The views were good, the conversation was light, and the mood was perfectly relaxed.  Well, almost relaxed if you don’t count the stress of trying to steer a boat when you are sitting in the back.  We wisely decided that if I was going to steer, we’d need to change positions, so the three of us very carefully moved around while in the water and managed to NOT tip the boat.  Guess Diane didn’t need the plastic wallet after all…Being the control freak that I am, I enjoyed steering and paddling independently, and there were no complaints from my two idle passengers.  I highly recommend it!

For more fun, look at the motorcycle we found parked outside our hotel one night.  Why yes, it is made by Mattel!  Also recently spotted: a Lamborghini, many Maseratis, some Hummers, and quite a few older American cars advertising the restaurants in the area.  You never know just what you will find…

Prague is more fun at night, and we loved the view from the Terrace restaurant.  We could hear the Astronomical clock each hour and see the sun set over Prague Castle.  Karen enjoyed the skewers the most, while Gail is a fan of the Becherova. 

As for The Magic Flute, I am so glad that our music teacher, Rodney, took the time to carefully draw and label his toiletries for a quick introduction to the opera by Mozart.  I found his version highly engaging.  While the Marionette Theatre had better costumes, the plot was too abstract for an uneducated audience.  So if you must see this show, be sure you watch the preview with a bottle of Listerine starring as Pamina the princess.

(Yes, I realize these pictures and jokes may lose their meaning for those outside our group, but since I am starting to consider this blog as my own scrapbook, I have to record these memories!)

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