Hanging Around Praha Castle

One thing I am starting to value is how our tour guide for the city, Prof. Scripnik, is taking us off the beaten path for our walks.  Prague is a beautiful city, and apparently everyone else knows it too.  Think NYC Times Square at noon–walking through the Old Town Square or Charles Bridge area is tourist madness and not for the faint of heart.

So, in our quest to stay away from the hoardes, we were lead through hiking paths and sharply inclined alleyways up to Prague Castle.  The reward for all the exercise is the view of the nicely manicured lawns, gardens, and other important buildings.  I know they are all important because I’ve been told they are, but not why they are important, so my apologies for vague labels on the photos.  When you’ve been staring at cathedrals and castles for the last four weeks, they all start to look alike anyway.

My favorite place to be so far is Namesty Republiky for many reasons, including: I know where it is and how to get there, I can pronounce it, there’s a mall and supermarket there, and finally, there are a lot of beautiful buildings there to reflect the setting sun.  I’m hoping to find more places like it soon…stay tuned.

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