Nighttime Prague

We have had many long days filled with sightseeing and lectures, so it’s always nice to relax in the evenings.  These pictures are from two nights.

First there was the Municipal House, where we saw a concert titled, “The Best of Mozart and Strauss.”  Added bonus: there was some dancing and singing to accompany the musicians.  However, with less than a quarter of the seats filled for an amateur quality performance, it was clear that this event was strictly for tourists.  Alas, if only we had been able to come a little earlier when all the theatres and operas were still open.  Still, it was fun to see the building–and I really did see much of it considering Michele and I tried to leave early and spent a considerable amount of time lost in the basement.

Eating out with the group is always an adventure as well because the Czech standard for table service is a fun Communist relic.  Fortunately, at Maitrea, the food was both vegetarian and prompt.  Yay!  The atmosphere was perfect, too, perhaps because of the Feng Shui or maybe because of the water feature by our table.  I’d like to recommend the lime pie to anyone thinking of visiting…

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