The Sights of Vysehrad

I’ve now officially been away from home for 38 days and my attention to detail is waning.  My apologies for the lack of description for these pictures…our tour guide’s English was choppy and I don’t have much to say about them.  Let me tell you instead about all the little things that make the Czech Republic special:

There are switches/sensors on the lights to save energy, which is admirable except when it only detects motion after you’ve walked past the area you need lit.

Stairs are always marked in yellow when they are first or last.

Every cashier has a little tray for giving back change–they won’t hand it to you.

When eating out, you will be charged for each slice of bread you eat in the basket, so best to keep track or risk an overcharge.  (Do they then bring out the left over bread for another group?)

All maintenance/road crew/construction workers have matching overalls that seem to be color-coded by the type of worker you are.  They’re snazzy.

Your silverware and napkins will come out after your food in a restaurant–but the waiter won’t count them, so you may have to ask for more.  Or perhaps you will get a cup full of knives when served soup…

Even when speaking English, our hosts will constantly ask, “Okay?” or “MmmmHmmm?” after everything they say.  You must nod confirmation or they think you don’t understand them and stop talking completely.

Nothing teaches you more about your country than leaving it…

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