Hanging Out with Huba

Although he’s not really old enough to be my grandpa, Dr. Huba Bruckner sure feels like one!  He has been a really wonderful and cheerful Hungarian host.  He invited us over to his apartment following the folk dancing presentation we saw the other night.  The apartment is surprisingly large, with a beautiful view of the Danube and Parliment right outside his balcony.  As we all rushed out to take pictures, he warned us, “No more than four at a time on the balconies, please!” 

His daughter and wife are equally gracious–Mrs. Bruckner offered to carry my offically “heavy” bag up the escalator steps at the airport, and I look forward to getting introduced to the local hangouts with his daughter tomorrow night.  I’ve heard that Hungarian men are internationally regarded as excellent husbands, but I will only be looking on behalf of my single friends.

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