The Countryside

Budapest is beautiful, but driving through the countryside was literally a breath of fresh air!  We started in Debrecen, then went to Hortobagy, Eger, and  Holloko.  Impulsively, we decided to add Slovakia to our itinerary, too, since we were driving by it anyway.  Being part of the EU means there’s no checkpoint, no gate, no passport needed–just a desire to walk across the bridge. 

Our bus driver was waiting in the middle of the roundabout waiting for us silly Americans to get back on the bus.  I don’t think he could grasp how much fun it was to literally be standing in two countries at once–much like he couldn’t grasp the idea of driving more than 50 km/hour–even on the M roads.  Elderly drivers were passing us and making inappropriate gestures!

So, I loved Hortobagy and the horse-drawn cart ride through the National Park.  I loved seeing the really old library in Eger.  I now know a children’s song about going to Debrecen to buy a tom turkey–in Hungarian!–because we were forced to sing it all the way to Holloko.  Shame we didn’t sing it while actually going to Debrecen, but tempers were already flaring when our tour guides realised we were running two hours late on account of our bus driver’s methodical driving.

The great plain was fun, but now I am happy to be back in Budapest where I can rely on the tram, bus, train, and subways for transportation.

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