Ahoj Brno!

The end of Budapest marked the beginning of my time in the Czech Republic (don’t call it Czechoslovakia–it’s quite the faux paux I’m afraid!)  We’re starting our time here in Brno, which is the second largest city after Prague, of course.  Immediately I am surprised by how different it is from Hungary, although there are many things that seem similar, too.  But tell the Czechs that–that’s also a faux paux.

After a four hour train ride from Budapest, we met Martin 1 and Martin 2–our guides for this week.  Fortunately for us, they were eager to help with all our luggage.  Our bags have grown significantly since we first step foot here…but they were gracious about carrying everything, even if I did hear Martin 1 mutter something about getting a private bus for Prague.

Highlights so far include the food (much more my style!) and the similarity between Czech and Russian (I can understand a few words!)  More to come about the schools soon…

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