At the Montessori and Ecological Centers

For all those readers who are frustrated by unrealistic expectations for fours and fives, let me start by saying the international Montessori preschool (ages 18 mos to 5 years) is now hiring.  Bonuses include housing, a salary much greater than that of the public school teachers here, a school pet pony, and the joy of teaching children with names like Nora, Jaume, and Imogen.  Oh, and then there’s the freedom from a state-sponsored curriculum. 

Another wonderful place to visit was the Ecological Education Center, a farm literally in the middle of Prague where children can learn about where bacon really comes from.  It reminds me a lot of the Pratt Center at home, only this place has a kindergarten, too.  There’s something about keeping a cow in the forest at the edge of the 10th district.  Fortunately the land was donated for this purpose after the fall of Communism, so now city children from far and wide get to pet the bunnies and help in the garden.

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