Nashledanou, Praha…

This literally means, “Until I see you again…”

Can’t believe I have been home from Prague for three days now!  Perhaps I have been procrastinating with this last post because I don’t want to admit that it’s over! 

Saying good-bye is always hard, so the Czechs threw us a party with music, dancing, gifts, and plenty of wine to help keep spirits high.  I loved learning one more dance, even if it basically involves running in and out of a circle as fast as you can.  Too bad they chose to hold the party in the Charles Bridge Museum, a lovely venue with a spectacular view, but also right next to a monastery.  The monks were not amused by our requests for extra songs.

A quick note about Team Werlin/Gregory/Aadland: We may not take the most notes, but we still won the most (six) rounds Czech Trivia, hosted by our Fulbright guide, Katrina.  This proves our dedication and attention!  Note our fierce collection of homemade stickers.

What I’m going to remember the most from this trip: stepping outside my comfort zone and being open to a new adventure…and discovering it was ever better than I had hoped!  As my friend Michele and I said to each other every day, “You never know what’s going to happen!”  I learned to expect the unexpected, and relish it.

You know, I’ll be eligible for another trip in three years…

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