The Path to Petrin Hill

Being part of a group of 16 has its advantages and disadvantages.  For example, it’s nice to have many friends to eat and chat with at lunch, and there’s always someone who wants to join you when it’s time for shopping.  However, when you are in a new city and trying to navigate, I find it best to strike out on my own so that I cannot rely on others for directions.  So I went off to seek Petrin Hill, bringing just my brightly illustrated McDonald’s map, camera, and a willingness to forge my own path.  These pictures show the sights along the way…

I did make it to Petrin Hill, but since there were people to meet later, I didn’t actually get to the top of the hill.  Perhaps I will go back tomorrow when I have a little more time.  Plus I really would like to ride the funicular, just so I can say I rode the funicular.  Funicular, funicular, funicular!  What a fun word!

I learned that Prague really isn’t that large and my whole map was walkable, at a leisurely pace, in two hours.  I still am more of a navigate-by-landmark kind of gal, but at least I am starting to sense which direction they are in.  I am curious if I will remember anything if/when I return.  Also of importance–I learned which streets are the most crowded with tourists and where all the good shoe stores are.

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