Everyday Budapest

So here are the shots that are less about the architecture and more about my feelings at the moment…

Our Fulbright hosts are fantastic people and always go above and beyond to make us happy.  Note the plate of food especially for me, the vegetarian in a world of pork and potatoes.

I feel very independent riding the trams, buses, metro, etc.  Navigating the city isn’t too hard, and this was really a big deal for me since I haven’t ever lived in a city and always rely on others to lead me around.  So to all my friends who went to college/lived in/regularly explore the cities around me, just think back to the first time you managed to get to a store on the other side of town without help.  It’s quite empowering!  We are such a car culture…speaking of which, the Polo pictured is probably one of the fanciest cars I’ve seen here, and very much the standard size.  One would be very out-of-place here in an Accord.

Then there’s Kati: my little Hungarian doll that feels like a friend.  Laugh all you want, but she has been in my purse, ready for all sorts of ridiculous photo opportunities without complaint.  I’ll have lots to show my kindergarteners!

Eating ice cream is something people do here between 9 am and midnight, at least three times a day.  They are serious about their ice cream, but good luck if you want fresh fruit.

Hanging out at the cafes has been lots of fun–good for people watching, or watching people watch the World Cup.  Had I been at home I never would have known who made it to the finals.  Nor would I have been hanging out at a bicycle repair shop/bar while consumed by cigarette smoke.  There are lots of smells in Budapest, so I am convinced people smoke to disguise the rest of them.  Thank goodness for nasal allergy spray.

Reflecting on my time in Hungary isn’t something I want to do right now–I am going to miss it so much!  Here comes to cliche message–we really are more alike than different.  Really.

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