Pecs Sights & Sounds

The weekend was coming to a close when started our tour of Pecs.  We began with walking around the town square, where there was a complete orchestra warming up for their Saturday morning concert.  Why not celebrate Saturday?  After cooling off by the fountain and stopping for iced tea at a sidewalk cafe, we stopped by the old cemetery ruins and finally the Zsolnay ceramics museum.  The beautiful, shiny ceramics were fun to look at, but by that point we were all getting tired and ready to get back “home” to the hotel Ibis in Budapest.  So we boarded the bus an hour early and congratulated ourselves for our shopping restraint!

Well, as you can tell by the pictures, we were about an hour outside of Budapest when our bus broke down.  (Could it have had something to do with the wheat field romp from the day before?)  Nothing like standing by the side of the highway in 100 degree heat!  We took some pictures to amuse ourselves, then got very excited when a road emergency van pulled up.  The kind man put up a few signs and cones telling other motorists to stay away from us, then left.  At least I got a few pictures to use for my classroom project…

About 40 minutes later we make it to the rest stop, fill the radiator for another half hour, and finally limped home, arriving just two hours late.  The green Ibis sign never looked so good!

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