St. Margaret Island

New York City has Central Park; Budapest has St. Margaret Island.

Being in the city is fun, except when it’s a scorching 100 degrees and there’s nothing but concrete all around.  So I decided to take my own lovely repsite on the island.  Renting a bike for an hour was just a few dollars–I found one with coaster brakes, a bell, and a fender bent about 45 degrees away from the tire.  Sweet!

It’s clear this is a popular date spot, given all the quiet pathways with little benches tucked between trees.  But there’s more to the island’s romance…young and old playing sports, rollerblading, and some very serious joggers.  There are lots of gardens and monuments to admire, plus a stunning view of the Danube and city on both sides.  There’s even ruins and an old nunnery to explore (hence the name).  It was easy to navigate and easy to get lost at the same time…

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